Hoops Lover Trait

Required Game Pack: City Living BuffsWatch ShotMentor BasketballTaunt during BasketballWatch CompetitionDunkJoin Dunk/Hoops CompetitionTake Basketball ShotsShoot AroundDream BigPractice Dribbling Social InteractionsExpress Love of BasketballDiscuss Basketball TechniquesChat about Basketball Scores WhimsBuy a Basketball HoopStart a Dunk/Hoops CompetitionPlay… More

Basketball Stadium Lot Trait

Required Game Pack: City Living Buffs+5 Happy – It’s time to play some basketball, basketball, you know that basketball…. Social InteractionsChat about Basketball ScoresDiscuss Basketball RankingsDebate best Basketball Player WhimsStart a Dunk ChallengeStart a Hoops… More

Tomboy Trait

Required Game Pack: City Living, Get Together and Seasons BuffsPlaying Games (Sports and other games)Play Video GamesWatch Sports TV Social InteractionsExplain Tomboy LifestyleChat about SportsDiscuss Tomboy Clothing Style WhimsWatch Sports TVBuy a Basketball HoopStart Hoops… More


Click on the image of the Trait to read the full description. Activist – Download Here Angler – Download Here Artist – Download Here Author – Download Here Baby Daddy – Download Here Bar Drinker… More