Celebrity System

Required Packs: Cats & Dogs, City Living, Dine out, Discover University, Get Famous, Get to Work, Island Living, Jungle Adventure, Parenthood, and Seasons.
Other Requirements: XML Injector and Some social interactions are required, but read below to see which ones!


Publicly Disgraced – Sims may be falsely accused or perform an action around town that leaves them Publicly Disgraced. If you are disgraced, you will have two interactions that appear to Confess to a rumor or Dispel a rumor. Now if your Sims are falsely accused you will only see the option to Dispel a rumor.

When Sims use the Confess to Rumor or Dispel Rumor interaction, Sims will now respond with an in-text notification.

Publicly Respected – Sims are being respected for their actions and these Sims will see an increase in their reputation.

Public Spotlight – Sims in the spotlight are usually in the “news” for something that is occurring in their lives. They will often gain fame when in the Public Spotlight.

Sue For Slander – Sims can sue for slander anytime they feel like the Paparazzi has crossed a line. Three possible scenarios – Win the case, Lose the Case or the Case is thrown out. The cost to Sue For Slander is 2500 Simoleons. If the case is thrown out you are charged 3000 Simoleons total, if you lose 1500 – 2500 Simoleons and if you win anywhere from 7000 to 10,000 Simoleons.

Found under the travel menu when Sims have a celebrity rumor buff only and Sims will stay gone from 2 – 4 hours.

If a Slander case is won Sims will gain in reputation, if lost they will lose in reputation and if the case is thrown out nothing happens to their reputation.

You will not get Disgraced, Respected or be in the Public Spotlight every time the actions below are performed. Each buff has a 50/50 chance of happening (Unless noted different below) and you will only be able to receive one buff at a time.

Ways to be Publicly Disgraced
Caught Cheating
Baby Taken
University Cheating
Peed Self
Skinny Dipping
Sunbathing in the Nude
Cheating – Caught Cheating, Apologize For Cheating or Confession to Cheating Interaction
WooHoo in Public
Over Medicated
Forging a Breakup Letter
Sabotage Objects
Being in the Criminal Career
Use Bubble Blower
Being Dazed
Threatening the Paparazzi
Stealing (Klepto Trait)
Money WooHoo
Child out of Wedlock – Only can get this by using my interaction “The baby is not yours”
Attempting to Convince a Sim to leave their Spouse

False Accusations – Publicly Disgraced
Buying Grades at University
Baby out of Wedlock
Hiding Pregnancy
Stealing an Object (Klepto Trait)

Here is a falsely accused buff example.

Ways to be in the Public Spotlight
Rejected Proposal
Being left at the Altar
Getting Married
New Partner

Here is an example of a Public Spotlight Buff.

Celebrity Disguise
Go on Vacation
Eating at a Restaurant
Paparazzi Meltdown

Here is an example of a Public Spotlight Buff.

Give Birth
Birthday Party
Host a Masterpiece Party
Glitz and Glamour Party
Enemy with Benefits Relationship
Hate WooHoo
Having a new enemy
Pet Adoption
Children Aging up
Baby Not Mine – Target of the “Baby Is Not Yours” Interaction
Getting Engaged or Announce Engagement – Announce Engagement Interaction
Asking Sims for money – Can I Have Some Money Interaction
Struck by Lightning
Being Sick
Purchasing a Retail Store
Winning a Starlight Accolade
Attending the Starlight Accolade

Publicly Respected
Losing a Spouse
Loss in the family

Here is an example of a Publicly Respected buff.

Giving a Donation
Adopting a Child
Graduating College

Moral Support – NPC Invite
When Sims are publicly disgraced you will only get this invite from your family members.

You will have a choice to accept or deny the invitation.

Text Messages
Sims will get a text when they have a buff that is disgraced, respected or in the spotlight.

Here is an example. Some of them actually will have you interact with friends, family or in the case above the paparazzi. Some will allow you to get a response, but in others you will select a response text, then it is over.

In-text notifications
They will appear with every buff your Sims receive.

New Computer Interaction
Read Starlight Sims Weekly

This interaction is under the computer web menu. It will last 15-30 minutes and Sims will get a buff along with an in-text notification. I will be adding a lot more of these in the future.

When Sims have this buff there are some new social interactions:
Mock Celebrity Rumors
Gossip about Celebrity Rumors

Shoutout to Adeepindigo, Turbodriver and Scarlett for helping me with this mod!

Download at Simfileshare or CurseForge

6 thoughts on “Celebrity System

  1. I’ve tried to figure out how to sue, and how to dispell the rumors, but I cant find those interactions anywhere. I’ve goodled a ton and nothing is coming up other than city hall, but even at city hall I can’t find those interactions. I could really appreciate the help! I don’t know if it’s the new pie menu that makes them hidden, but I’ve been looking for a couple of weeks and have not been able to figure it out at all.

    1. I do not offer mod support over WordPress. Use my excel info document to the right to find how to contact me.

  2. I think the actual punishments and moodlets are tuned too harsh, my Sim being tired (another mod changes uncomfortable to dazed) in their own home causing a +4 embarrased moodlet, for two days ontop of tanking their reputation from good straight to bad is fairly cruel.

    1. Hello,
      Eventually buffs will be lowered to +2 or +3(Still deciding on that), but for now they are +4. Thanks for your opinion on the mod though.

      1. I have this mod in my game but its not working.. i dont get any buffs or anything from this mod could there be another mod conflicting with it?

      2. Any mod could conflict. You would need to do a 50/50 to see if something is conflicting but this mod is working. Can you explain how you’re not getting buffs? There is no guarantee a buff will appear, it is always 50/50 it will happen. Just an FYI it says on multiple spots on my blog I do not offer assistance over WordPress, so keep that in mind. If you need more help you can put in a ticket on my discord or my help desk.

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