University Level Jump

Required Game Pack: Discover University

If you notice a career is missing a level jump opportunity, let me know. This can not be used for no promotion careers, odd jobs or career gigs/freelancer.

This mod is simple – it allows for your Sims who have degrees to jump higher into careers. This mod WILL conflict with any mod who uses anything relating to career level jumps or custom degrees.

The image above is an example of a Sim who has a Language & Literature degree who is seeking a job as a lawyer. The red text will inform you that the Sim will jump up. Very important to note if you want to know what level Sims will jump that information is included on the career’s post. Eventually if I get some time I may compile each career below with the level jump.

Please note whenever a new career mod is added, it is on you to update the mod to get the latest update.

Download at Simfileshare or CurseForge