Attend Business Trip

Required Game Pack: Base Game Compatible
Other Requirements: XML Injector

If you get stuck, please watch the video tutorial above.

To use this interaction, your Sim must be employed in a career. The career does not matter, but you have to be employed. As you can see below the interaction is found on the phone menu in the work category menu. Currently not showing for Sims who own Businesses unless you have my Business Career in your game and you join that career.

Two scenarios can happen:

Seal the Deal

You will get a Confident buff, an increase in work performance and 10K Simoleons. 

Also an in-text notification appears: 

Lost the Deal

You will get a Tense Buff, an decrease in work performance and 1K Simoleons.

Also an in-text notification appears:

Download at Simfileshare or CurseForge