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Important: If you go some time without playing, it is up to you to update your game. Every Sim Player is responsible for their own mod folders and what you put in your game. Mods may conflict. It’s important if a mod is not working to test the mod without any other mods and then use the 50/50 method to finding a mod conflict. Do not report a mod as broken without checking for updates or checking to see if there’s a mod conflict or you will be asked to do this first.

If you see a mod listed below, it means you need to update it. If you want to look at previous updates for a mod click here to view my update document.
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January Updates

January 1

File Tax Return – Some of the text was incomplete so I added it back.

January 5

Politician Career – Updated to add the paid time off option.

Democrat, Independent and Republican Traits – Fixed some LE issues.

January 7

Work Interactions – Cleaned up the file and fixed some strings.

January 11

Angler (Active) Career – With the new update, coworkers will now show up in the co-worker panel.

January 16

Politician (Active) Career – Fixed an issue with the PTO and all co-workers minus the assistant will show up in the co-workers panel!

Food Technology Career – Fixed an issue with an interaction not checking off.

January 20

Master Flower Arranger Aspiration – Fixed an LE issue.

Honor Student Aspiration – Complete school project will now check off.