Funny Trait

Required Pack: The Sims 4 Base Game

Perform Comedy Routines
Tell Jokes using the Microphone
Watch Performances
Playful Mood

Social Interactions
Tell Random Jokes
Joke about Comedians
Joke about Friends
Joke about Weather

Be funny with a Sim
Tell Funny story to Toddler
Start a Funny Meme (Social Media Career)
Give Funny Gift
Tell a Joke (and on microphone)
Write Jokes on Computer
Tell a Successful Joke
Tell Knock Knock Joke
Tell Joke about Chicken Butt to Toddler
Share Jokes with Followers (Social Media Career)
Skill up in Comedy
Compose Routines
Improvise Routine
Perform Routines
Practice Routines
Refine Routines
Watch Comedy TV
Earn 100 Simoleons Performing Comedy
Perform Comedy at Lounge
Become Playful
Buy Microphone
Mischief Sim

Learn Comedy 1.5x Faster

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