Geology Lover Trait

Required Pack: Get to Work and Jungle Adventure

Collect Crystal
Collect Fossil
Collect Plant
Search Debris (Collection)
Analyze Crystal Sample
Analyze Fossil Sample
Analyze Plant Sample
Practice Analysis
Analyze using Chemical Analyzer
Test Analyzer

Social Interactions
Discuss Artifacts
Chat about Geology
Chat about Geological Features

Authenticate an Artifact
Uncover an Artifact
Extract an Element (Archaeology Skill)
Analyze a Collectible
Write an Archaeology Book
Refine a Crystal
Study an Object for Historical Insights
Give an Archaeology Lecture at the Museum
Excavate in the Jungle
Find a Dig Pile
Establish an Excavation Site
Collect a Microscope Sample
Collect a new Crystal
Collect a new Space Rock or Print
Collect a new Frog
Collect a new Metal
Collect a new Fossil
Find a new Collectible
Collect a new Insect
Analyze a Collectible or Sample
Practice Analysis

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