Green Thumb Trait

Required Pack: Get to Work and Outdoor Retreat

Take Cutting
Research Gardening
Convert Bonsai to Decorative
Evolve a Plant
Weed Plants
Talk to Plant
Water Plant with Tears
Fertilize Plant
Spray for insects
Water Plants
Tend Garden
Harvest Plants
Remove Wild Plants
Inspect Garden
Revive Plant
Plant Something

Social Interactions
Share Gardening Tips
Talk about Crops

Level up in Gardening Skill
Weed 3 Plants
Blog about Gardening Tips
Enthuse about Gardening
Go on a Nature Walk
Buy  Luminary’s Exotic Water Garden
Play with  Luminary’s Exotic Water Garden
Craft or Graft a Garden Pot or Planter
Fertilize/Harvest/Spray a Plant
Water/Talk/Weed/Revive a Plant
Feed a Cowplant
Plant Something
Clone a Fruit or Flower (Scientist Career)
Analyze a Plant (Scientist Career)
Weed 3 Plant
Harvest Unidentified Plant
Identify and Eat a Wild Plant

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