Researcher Trait

Required Pack: Discover University, Get to Work and Seasons

Research using Research Machine
Browse Research using Computer
Analyze Plants, Crystals and Fossils
Use Microscope
Collect Satellites
Search for the Truth using Telescope
Contribute Knowledge

Social Interactions
Chat about Research Topics
Explain Research Findings

Research using Computer
Write in Journal
Analyze a Book
Publish a Book
Start writing a new book
Write an excellent book
Analyze Something
Analyze a Plant
Analyze a microscope sample
Practice Analysis
Analyze DNA (Scientist Career)
Analyze a Collectible
Collect a Microscope Sample
Collect a Crystal, Fossil, Plant
Collect a Space Rock, Metal, Frog
Collect a Space Print
Find a Collectible
Collect an insect
Collect honey

Learn Research & Debate Skill 1.5 Faster

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