Sweet Tooth Trait

Required Game Pack: Get to Work

Grab a Cupcake
Take a Piece of Cake
Cook or Bake Cakes
Bake using Cupcake Factory
Bake Pastries using Cupcake Factory
Decorate Cakes, Cookies or Cupcakes

Social Interactions
Discuss Baking Recipes
Debate Cupcakes vs Cakes vs Cookies
Chat about Bakery Food Items

Bake Something
Prepare Baked Alaska
Bake Chocolate Chip Cookies
Bake something in Stove
Bake something in Cupcake Factory
Bake Apple Pie
Decorate Pastries
Buy a Cupcake Factory
Prepare SimCity Cheesecake
Eat Fruitcake
Prepare Sugar-free Carob Coconut Cake
Level up in Baking Skill
Buy Warming Rack

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