Techie Trait

Required Pack: City Living

Hack Anything
Participate in Hack-a-thon
Make Mobile Apps
Make Video Game
Make Plugin
Make Virus
Practice Programming
Mod Video Games
Start Freelance Work
Browse Web (Computer or phone)
Browse Art
Browse Intelligence Database (Secret Agent Career)
Look for Recipe Ideas
Look for Homework answer keys
Research on Computer
Browse Simpedia
Watch Funny Videos
Research Pick-up Lines
Read Obituaries
Respond to mail (Phone/Computer)

Social Interactions
Chat about Technology
Share Technology Tips

Tech Guru Career – Performance increases x2
Freelance Programmer Career – Performance increases x2
Learn Programming 2x faster

Try to Hack something
Hack School Performance
Practice Programming
Practice Programming for an hour
Level up in Programming
Earn money from Programming
Program on a Computer

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