Babysitting Job Event

Required Packs: Movie Hangout Stuff and Parenthood

Main Goal
Cook a Meal For The Kids

Watch a Movie
Clean Something
Tell Jokes
Play Dolls with a Toddler
Play Video Games with Kids
Talk to Kids
Put a Child to Bed
Dance with Kids
Tell a Story
Hug Kids
Watch the Kids Network
Tell Funny Stories
Take Care of Infants

100 – 300 Simoleons

Download Here

3 thoughts on “Babysitting Job Event

  1. I really love this event mod but I think 2 infants being required makes it impossible to use most of the time. I think it would be more usable if it was tuned that infant, toddler & child roles are all optional so that users can just fill in with what they have available.

    1. Hi, that is a mistake on my part. It should be zero required, I am going to re-upload the mod in the next hour to fix that.

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