Summer Blow Out Event

Required Game Pack: City Living, Get Together, Island Living, Movie Hangout Stuff, Seasons and Outdoor Retreat

Main Goal
Have a Water Balloon Fight

Go Swimming
Make a Drink
Grab a Dink
Eat Something
Have 3 Sims Dance at the Same Time
Complete a Dance Battle
Hot Tub WooHoo
Use Bubble Blower
Sing Karaoke
Sing a Karaoke Duet
Prepare Fruit Salad
Add Logs to Fire
Roast Hot Dogs
Play with the Campfire
Roast Marshmallows
Socialize with Guests
Tell a Group Story to Guests
Tell Jokes
Play Chess
Play Darts
Play Don’t wake the Llama
Play Foosball
Go Bowling
Watch a Movie
Bond with Bees
Throw Water Balloon
Go Skating
Talk to Someone
Chad with a Friend for an Hour
Catch a Fish
Play Video Games
Perform Trick Slides
Play Basketball
Craft an Ice Cream

Outrigger Canoe and a Aqua-Zip

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