High School Reunion Event

Required Game Pack: Seasons
Other Requirements: High School Reunion Lot Trait

Main Goal
Take Selfies with High School Classmates

Figure out Who’s Single or Married
Chat about HS Rivalries
Talk about Best Dressed Classmates
Chat about HS Best Friends
Reminisce about HS Days
Chat about HS Loves
Did You Go To University?
Joke about Grades and Homework
Gossip about Classmates
Talk about Current Career
Talk about HS Professors
Talk about Prom King and Prom Queen
Take a Photo
Take a Selfie
Give Speech
Tell a Story
Compliment Someone’s Outfit
Chat while Drinking
Talk to Guest For 2 Hours
Make Some Coffee or Tea
Be Funny
Give a Gift
Ask Someone about their Day
Gossip with Someone
Hug Someone
Chat while Drinking

Remembrance Clock

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