Fortune Teller Career

Required Pack: Paranormal Stuff
Other Requirements: XML Injector

Career Levels 
Horoscope Reader
Fortune Guesser
Vague Visionary
Palm Reader
Metaphysical Fabricator

Mystic Branch
Conjurer of Cheap Tricks
Spiritual Guide
Traveler of Time and Space
Dealer of Destines 
Master of Mysticism 

Scam Artist Branch
Tarot Card Shark
Keen Observer of Human Behavior
Pseudo Psychic 
Celebrity Psychic 

Promotion Tasks
Sense Spiritual Volatility
Commune with Departed
Summon Bonehilda
Create Seance Circle
Max Charisma Skill (Mystic Branch)
Max Mischief Skill (Scam Artist Branch)
Max Medium Skill

Work From Home Tasks
Buy a Seance Table
Sense Spiritual Volatility
Read a Charisma Book
Gain a Charisma Skill
Invoke the Dead at Seance Table
Commune with the Departed
Summon Bonehilda
Become Friends with a Ghost

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