International Affairs Career

Required Packs: City Living, Discover University, Get Famous and Jungle Adventure
Other Requirements: XML Injector and Work Interactions Menu

Career Levels
International Affairs Intern
International Affairs Analyst
International Affairs Specialist
Leadership Analyst

United Sims Nation Branch
Third Secretary
Vice Consultant
First Secretary
Diplomatic Consultant
Deputy Chief of Mission
Sim Nation Ambassador

National Sims Security Agency Branch
Cyber Threat Analyst
Technical Researcher
Technical Targeting Analyst
Staff Operations Officer
Director of National Sims Security

Browse Intelligence Database

Research & Debate

Promotion Tasks
Give a Speech
Host Charity Benefit Party
Record a Video
Hack National Security Agency (Security Branch)
Travel to Selvadorada (Sim Nation Branch)
Give Professional Commentary (Sim Nation Branch)
Max Charisma Skill (Sim Nation Branch)
Max Logic Skill
Max Research & Debate Skill
Max Programming Skill (Security Branch)

Work From Home Tasks
Buy a Podium
Give Public Speech
Watch the News
Watch PolitiSim
Watch World Culture Network
Meet a Co-Worker

Sims with a degree in Communications, History, or Language and Literature will jump to the Leadership Analyst Level.

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