Personal Trainer Career

Required Game Pack: City Living, Get Famous and Fitness Stuff

Important: Both Part-Time and Full-Time careers are the same except the time differences. Part-Time career is weekends only from 4 pm to 10 PM and the full-time career is a regular Monday – Friday job. You can not have both of these in the game at one time, so pick which one you prefer.

Career Levels
Gym Attendant
Gym Equipment Learner
Mobile Personal Trainer
Group Exercise Trainer
Gym Instructor
Boot Camp Instructor
Personal Trainer
Celebrity Personal Trainer
Fitness Club Manager
Fitness Club Owner


Work From Home
Reach Level 2 of Fitness
Go Jogging
Become Energized
Discuss Fitness Techniques
Go Swimming
Research Workout Tips
Endurance Run
Read a book about Fitness

Sims with a degree in Biology will jump to the Gym Instructor Level.

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