Rocket Scientist Career

Required Pack: The Sims 4 Base Game
Other Requirements: XML Injector

Career Levels
Rocket Assistant
Junior Rocket Technician
Rocket Test Technician
Rocket Safety Specialist
Rocket Auditor
Junior Rocket Designer
Senior Rocket Designer
Rocket Engineer
Assistant Chief, Rocket Science
Chief of Rocket Science

Rocket Science

Promotion Tasks
Buy Rocket Ship
Install Landing Stabilizer
Install Wormhole Generator
Install Cannon Defense System
Install Landing Computer
Max Rocket Science Skill
Max Writing Skill

Work From Home Tasks
Build Rocket Ship
Explore Space

500 Simoleons – Promoted to Junior Rock Technician
1750 Simoleons – Promoted to Aerospace Engineer
2500 Simoleons – Promoted to Assistant Chief of Aerospace
10,000 Simoleons – Promoted to Chief of Aerospace

Sims with a degree in Physics will jump to the Rocket Auditor level.

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