Housewife Trait

Required Packs: Get to Work and Parenthood

Play as Sea or Space Monster
Help with Homework
Repair Dollhouse
Play Dolls with Kids
Cleaning Anything
Cooking Meals
Be Romantic
WooHoo or Try For Baby
Watch Kids Network
Watch Puppet Shows
Make and Drink Coffee
Order Drink to Go
Listen to Kids Radio

Social Interactions
Give Encouragement
Chat about Family Values
Express Love of Being a Housewife
Express Love of Family

Statistics – Learn All Skills 1.x Faster
Gourmet Cooking

Make a Group Meal
Level up in Cooking, Gourmet Cooking
Cook a Meal
Bake Anything
Cook an Excellent Meal
Watch Cooking Show
Watch Cooking Channel for ideas
Bake Apple Pie
Prepare Foods
Give someone cooking Tips
Talk about Cooking
Write a Cookbook
Coo at baby
Clean Items (Various)
Buy a Toy
Volunteer with Family
Leave a Note
Leave a Drawing
Tell a Goofy Story
Tell a Story to Toddler
Read a Toddler Book
Buy Toddler or Child Items
Influence Kids
Encourage Kids
Gain Parenting Skill
Interact with Baby (Coo, Bounce, Talk, etc)
Interact with Toddler (Watch TV, Teach, Potty Train, etc)
Play Dolls with Toddlers

Conflicts with the Hates Children, Househusband, Lazy, Noncommittal and Unfaithful traits.

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