The King Trait

Required Packs: City Living, Get Famous, Get Together, Parenthood, Spa Day and Vintage Glamour
Other Requirements: Royal Family Mod

Give a Speech
Try for baby/Woohoo
Record a Video
Watch Live Performance
Review Performances (Critic Career)
Get a Massage
Exercise (Basketball, Swimming and Workouts)
Take a Bath
Nap in Bath
Play in Bath
Drink Tea
Make Charity Donation

Donate to a Charity
Volunteer with Family
Give Butler an Order
Reprimand Butler
Praise Butler
Give a Friendly Gift
Level up in Charisma
Start a Club Gathering
Throw a Party
Record a New Video
Sign an Autograph

When Sims are near a King they will get a moodlet and incite cheers unless they are a King, Queen, Prince Consort or Queen Consort.

Conflicts with the The Queen Trait.

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