Loves Children

Required Packs: Growing Together, Parenthood and Toddler Stuff

Hug a Toddler
Watch Puppet Shows
Watch Kids Network
Play Dolls with Kids
Repair Dollhouse
Help with Homework
Play as Sea Monster
Play as Space Monster
Give Birth
Kiss Infant
Help Infant with Needs
Watch Infant
Bathe Infant

Social Interactions
Express Love of Children
Give Pep Talk
Discuss Good Behaviors
Give School Tips
Debate why College is Important

Buy Toys
Volunteer with Family
Add note/Make Drawing to Bulletin Board
Play don’t wake the llama
Roughhouse Toddlers
Read book to toddlers
Hug/Talk/Tell Story to Toddler
Ask Toddler about Day
Take care of Toddlers
Play dolls w/ toddler
Teach toddlers skills and nesting
Volunteer with Family
Skill up in Parenting
Encourage and Influence kids
Help with Homework
Interact with babies
Watch Kids network
Travel to Park
Perform/Watch Puppet Shows
Write a Children’s book
Make Sack Lunch

Charisma – Learn 2x Faster
Parenting – Learn 2x Faster

This trait will conflict with the Hates Children trait.

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