The Queen Trait

Required Packs: City Living, Get Famous, Get Together, Parenthood, Spa Day and Vintage Glamour
Other Requirements: Royal Family Mod

Give Speeches
Try for baby/Woohoo
Record Videos
Watch Performance
Review Performances (Critic Career)
Get Massages
Exercise (Basketball, Swimming and Workouts)
Take Baths (With or without soaks)
Nap in Bath
Play in Bath
Drink Tea
Make Donations

Donate to a Charity
Volunteer with Family
Give Butler an Order
Reprimand Butler
Praise Butler
Give a Friendly Gist
Level up in Charisma
Start a Club Gathering
Throw a Party
Record a New Video
Sign an Autograph

When Sims are near a King they will get a moodlet and incite cheers unless they are a King, Queen, Prince Consort or Queen Consort.

Conflicts with the The King Trait.

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