Retiree Trait

Required Packs: Outdoor Retreat, Parenthood, and Spa Day

Read Books
Tend Garden
Water Plants
Take Cutting
Weed Plants
Talk to Plants
Remove Wild Plants
Inspecting Garden
Join Yoga Classes
Do Yoga
Get Foot Massage
Get Hand Massage
Get Massages

Social Interactions
Chat about Former Jobs
Offer Career Advice

Volunteer with Family
Leave Notes or Drawing on Bulletin Boards
Make a Group Meal
Go on Vacation to Granite Falls
Buy a Toy
Help a Child with Homework
Make Sack Lunch
Take care of Toddlers (Potty Trait, Feed, Snuggle etc)
Play with Toddlers
Get a Hand, Foot or Back Massages
Hire a Massage Therapist
Buy a Massage Table
Buy a Yoga Mat
Do a Yoga Routine
Level up in Wellness Skill

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