Fashion Designer Career

Required Packs: Get Famous and Get To Work
Other Requirements: Work Interactions Menu and XML Injector

Career Levels
Window Dresser
Fabric Cutter
Pattern Cutter
Garment Technologist
Fashion Consultant
Fashion Illustrator
Fashion Publicist
Fashion Quality Controller
Fashion Coordinator
Fashion Phenomenon

Discuss Fashion Ideas

Computer Interaction
Research Fashion Ideas


Promotion Tasks
Offer outfit
Offer to Update Appearance
Apply Mannequin Outfit
Discuss Fashion Ideas
Research Fashion Ideas
Become Global Superstar
Reach Level 2 Writing Skill
Max Charisma Skill
Max Painting Skill

Work From Home Tasks
Buy a Mannequin
Paint Something
Record Fashion Tips Video
Take Clothing Photos
Restock an Outfit on a Mannequin
Study Trends
Try on Outfits
Reply to Comments
Host a Black and White Bash Party

Sims with a degree in Art History or Fine Art will jump to the Career Level of Fashion Consultant.

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