Animal Shelter Career

Required Game Pack: Cats and Dogs
Other Requirements: Animal Shelter Lot Trait

Career Levels
New Recruit
Shelter Assistant
Shelter Supervisor
Shelter Manager – Bonus of 500 Simoleons when promoted here

Pet Training

Daily Tasks
Reach Level 2 in Pet Training
Pick up Pet Poop
Chat About Animal Shelter Pets
Reach Level 3 in Pet Training
Clean 10 Litter Boxes
Chat about Animal Shelter Pets
Chat about Animal Shelter Pets
Reach Level 4 in Pet Training
Purchase Pet Toys
Feed Pets
Discuss Adopting a Pet
Bathe Pets
Brush Pets
Dicuss Adoptnig a Pet
Max Pet Training Skill

Work From Home Tasks
Become Good Friends or Friends with Animals
Bathe a Pet
Become Friends to 2 Pets
Chat about Animal Shelter Pets

There should be animals that show up Monday – Sunday starting at 7 AM. I put the minimum amount of 4 cats and dog. However, when you use this lot trait, however, I would also add Cat and Dog Hangout Lot traits.

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