Animal Shelter Career

Required Pack: Cats and Dogs
Other Requirements: Animal Shelter Lot Trait and XML Injector

Career Levels
New Recruit
Shelter Assistant
Shelter Supervisor
Shelter Manager

Pet Training

Promotion Tasks
Purchase Pet Toys
Discuss Pet Adoption
Feed Cat or Dog
Pick up Animal Poop
Chat about Animal Shelters Pets
Clean Litter Box
Brush a Cat or Dog
Max Pet Training Skill

Work From Home Tasks
Bathe a Cat or Dog
Become Companions with 2 Animals
Chat about Animal Shelter Pets

When promoted to the Shelter Manager Level – Bonus of 500 Simoleons when promoted here

There should be animals that show up Monday – Sunday starting at 7 AM. I put the minimum amount of 4 cats and dog. However, when you use this lot trait, however, I would also add Cat and Dog Hangout Lot traits.

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