Tutor Career

Required Pack: Discover University
Other Requirements: XML Injector

Career Levels
Elementary School Tutor
High School Tutor
Test Prep Tutor
Higher Education Tutor
Director of Tutoring


Tutor Students Online

Tutor Students Online – You will have to Tutor Students online using the computer when moving up in this career level and you can tutor students whenever you want to! You can find this interaction under Computer > Career (It comes with the Education Career but I added it to this career also.

2 others (You can choose)

Promotion Tasks
Max Charisma Skill
Max Logic Skill
Tutor Students Online

Work From Home Tasks
Reach Level 2 in Two Skills
Read a Skill Book
Attend a Skill Class

Sims with a degree in Art History, Biology, Communications, Computer Science, Culinary Arts, Drama, Economics, Fine Arts, History, Language & Literature, Physics or Psychology will jump to the University Tutor level.

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