Food Technology Career

Required Game Pack: Discover University, Get Famous and Get To Work

Career Levels
Food Technology Intern
Food Technology Technician

Research & Development Branch
Packaging Designer
Product Marketeer
Product Developer
Sensory Scientist
Research & Development Manager
Lead Auditor

Quality Assurance Branch
Product & Labeling Technologist
Process Specialist
Food Regulatory Advisor
Food Service & Quality Manager
Lead Auditor

Cooking (Research and Development Branch)
Baking (Research and Development Branch)
Logic (Quality Assurance Branch and Research & Development Branch)
Writing (Quality Assurance Branch)

Work From Home Tasks
Reach Level 2 in Cooking
Watch Cooking Channel
Cook a Meal
Watch Culinary Training Videos
Take a Cooking Skill Class
Meet a Co-Worker

Sims with a degree in Culinary Arts will jump to the Food Technology Technician level.

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