Private Teacher Career

Required Game Pack: Base Game Compatible
Other Requirements: Work Interactions Pie Menu

Career Levels
Private Teacher Certification


Depends on the branch – Guitar, Piano, Singing, Violin


Sims will gain Charisma with this skill.

You start off seeking your Private Teacher Certification. You will first Reach Level 5 in any skill of your choosing and then take the Private Teacher Course. It is found with the Work From Home Pie Menu – Make sure to download the Pie Menu Here (You likely already have it if you have any of my other careers).

Once you are done with the first level, you can choose the branch of your choice.

Once you choose a branch, you will have a one level career to max the skill you chose previously and mentor 10 sims.

Work From Home Tasks
Create Mentor Lesson Plans – You must have met Level 3 in Charisma for this to show up.

Sims will gain Logic with this skill.

Download Here