Silver Spoon Trait

Required Game Pack: Get Famous

Purchase a Lottery Ticket
Donate to a Charity
WooHooed in Money Pile
Make it Rain, Pour or Trickle
Burn Money
Nap in Money
Add money to vault
Take money from vault
Break in to Safe

Sims that are not in your family will be inspired when around you.

Social Interactions
Brag about Net Worth
Brag about Wealth
Brag about Rich Family

The interactions are above can only be used on non-Family related Sims and there’s about 10 in-text notifications when they are used.

Ask For Money – If yes, you will get 750 – 1250 Simoleons. If the answer is no a message box pops up (See Below) and an angry buff appears. You can only use  this interactions on Parents and Grandparents.

Buy an Object worth 100 Simoleons
Buy an Object worth 500 Simoleons
Buy an Object worth 1000 Simoleons

Ages: Available for Teens, Young Adults, Adults and Elders only.

Download Here

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