Military Career

Required Game Pack: Get To Work and Strangerville
Other Requirements: Work Interactions Pie Menu, Venue Changes and XML Injector

Please note mod conflicts: You can not have any other mods that impact venue lists or the lot extender mod. The only venue list that works with this mod is Zerbu’s venue list. However, Basemental’s venue list is compatible with his, so it can be used but is not a requirement of this mod. If you can’t get the venues to show watch this video and after that you need to do a 50/50 to find the conflict.

Career Levels
Mess Hall Server
Drill Instructor
Flight Officer
Fighter Pilot
Squadron Leader
Lead Commander
Major General
Secretary of Defense

This career comes with two pie menus that are both called Military. One can be found under the Computer > Career menu and you will see various interactions when your Sim is promoted to different levels.

This pie menu is found via a Computer > Career > Military menu.

Write Commander’s Handbook (Lead Commander)

Send Report to Lead Commander (Squadron Leader)

Request Military Key Card ([Redacted]) 

Evaluate Confidential Information ([Redacted])

Write Report ([Redacted])

Review Squadron Leader Report (Lead Commander)

Email Report to Secretary of Defense (Major General)

Write Military Memo to Congress (Secretary of Defense)

Manage Military Budget (Major General to Secretary of Defense)

Email Report to National Leader (Secretary of Defense)

Approve or Deny Military Travel Requests (Secretary of Defense)

Develop Foreign Policy Agenda (Secretary of Defense)

The second pie menu is available when clicking on your Sim or another Sim. 

March Around (Found by clicking your Sim)

Give Inspirational Speech (Squadron Leader or Higher)

Order to Clean this Place up, Drop and Give me 20, Attention, Run a Lap, Order to Spar (Drill Instructor to Squadron Leader)

Give Military Advice (Lead Commander Level or Higher)



Share Military Stories

Discuss Military Work (Major General to Secretary of Defense) 

Recruit (Secretary of Defense)

Phone Interactions
Visit National Leader

Work From Home Tasks
Max Charisma, Fitness, Logic and Rocket Science Skills
Workout at Exercise Machine

Rocket Science

Display Case (Mess Hall Server Level)
Medals (All levels)
Flag Pole (Squadron Leader Level)

Military Base

Place the Military Base in your game and then make sure you have selected the venue as the lot type. Then your Sim will be promoted to go to work. If you are unable to head to work, watch the active career tutorial video above.

Having a degree in History will jump you to the Drill Instructor Level.

Download Here
Public Release 5/11.

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