Stylist Career

Required Packs: Get Famous and Get To Work
Other Requirements: Basemental’s Venue List and XML Injector

Helpful Tip: Active Career Tutorial Guide created if you can not get the venue to show. Click Here!

Career Levels
Fashion Fledgling
Taffeta Trainee
Polka Dot Specialist
Houndstooth Soothsayer
Trendsetter in Training
In Vogue Virtuoso
Haute Hot Shot
Couture Connoisseur
Fashion Phenomenon

Computer Interactions

Study Fashion Trends
Record Style Guide (Level 6)
Blog Style Guide (Level 6)
Write Style Column

Social Interactions

Compliment Style (Level 4)
Criticize Style (Level 4)
Ask Sims to Model Looks
Discuss Fashion
Give Fashion Advice (Level 10)
Interview Sims – In-text notification to sow what Sims want (Example below)



Place the Salon venue in your game and then make sure you have selected the venue as the lot type. Then your Sim will be promoted to go to work. If you are unable to head to work, watch the active career tutorial video above.

Sims with a degree in Art History or Fine Art will jump to the In Vogue Virtuoso career level.

$370, Barely Better Digital Camera – Level 2
$465, Digalistic Sketchpad – Level 3
$582, All-in-One Powerful PC – Level 4
$676, Willowdale High Boy Dresser – Level 5
$921, OTP Split Mirror – Level 6
$1,521 – Level 7
$1,999, Crystal Clear Digital Camera – Level 8
$2,845 – Level 9
$3,720 – Level 10

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