Lawyer Career

Required Packs: Discover University and Get To Work
Other Requirements: Basemental’s Venue List, Work interactions Pie Menu and XML Injector

Helpful Tip: Active Career Tutorial Guide created if you can not get the venue to show. Click Here!

Career Levels

Legal Process Server

File Clerk

Legal Secretary


Budding Barrister

Adept Attorney

Promising Attorney

Gavel Smasher

Honorable Arbitrator

Chief Justice

Computer Interactions 

File Court Documents (Level 1 to 10)

Research Case Law (Level 4 to 10)

Check Verdict Status (Level 5 to 7) – Will only show after attending trial.

Craft Legal Argument (Level 5 to 7)

File Legal Motion (Level 5 to 7)

Make Rulings (Level 8 to 10)

Read Pleadings (Level 8 to 10)

Research Legal Issues (Level 8 to 10)

Write Supreme Court Opinion (Level 10)

Social Interactions 

Discuss Case Law

Chat about Scandalous Lawsuit (Level 3 to 10)

Meet Prospective Client (Level 5 to 7)

Offer Legal Representation (Level 5 to 7)

Phone Interactions

Deliver Legal Documents (Level 1 to 3)

Take Lawyer Exam (Level 4)

Attend Deposition (Level 5 to 7)

Attend Trial (Level 5 to 7)

Attend Verdict Reading (Level 5 to 7) – Will only show once you receive a text message.

Preside over Case (Level 8 to 10)

Visit University Law Class (Level 8 to 10) – This interaction can only be completed when Don is at work.

Guest Speak at University about Law (Level 9 to 10)


Research & Debate


Law Firm (Levels 1-4)

Law Office (Levels 5 – 9)

Supreme Court Building (Level 10)


Sims with a degree in History or Language and Literature will jump to the Budding Barrister career level. Make sure to re-download the University Level Jump Career file.

Helpful Information: After your Sims attend trial, you must use the Check Verdict Status interaction on the computer and once you do that once a verdict is reached you will receive a text message, BUT you must not be at the career venue. It’s a conflict for a drama node to appear when the sim is at the active work career venue. You can head home for the day but before you do check for a verdict status using a work computer.

Once a verdict is reached, a drama node will appear within 1-4 hours. You will then use your phone and look under the work menu to attend the verdict reading. Sims can win cases, lose cases and sometimes you may see a deadlock. To attend the verdict reading, you must have the buff shown below.

Once you have this buff above, you will then see Attend Verdict Reading on your phone:

The above is an example of a Sim who won the case.

Place the appropriate venue in your game and then make sure you have selected the venue as the lot type. Then your Sim will be promoted to go to work. If you are unable to head to work, watch the active career tutorial video above.

Download Here

32 thoughts on “Lawyer Career

  1. Maybe it’s possible to make these three lots into just the supreme court building? Then we can add law office spaces and all. It’s just too much to make space for with three and I only have one household that has a lawyer.

    1. Hello, I opted to make it that way for realism and I personally like the different venues. However, you don’t need to have all 3 of the lots in your game at the same time because the Sim is only going to one venue. When it is time for your Sim to use another venue, delete the other one and replace it with the new one. It is your game so fix it whatever way you see fit. You have entire control of your world, not me.

    1. The lot information is included in the post above. If you don’t know where to find lots, you need to research online how the gallery works.

  2. Hi there!
    I have installed all the required mods linked above and even put the files for XML direclty into my mods folder after unzipping them. However, I am still missing the venues for this career. I see other ones like military base, police station, etc. Is there something else I can do to make these venues show up?

    1. Hello, Please scroll up and click the tutorial guide above. I do NOT offer mod assistance over WordPress.

      1. Do you see the Helpful tip sentence? It includes a link of a step-by-step guide with photos. My YouTube will return soon.

    1. The Law Firm and Supreme Court has a value set to a limit of an employees. You should see various employees with those limits. At the Law Office level, it’s just the Sim and the assistant since they own their own Law office at that point.

    1. Please read the active career tutorial guide that is included in the post above, that will answer your question. Venues are never included as the Sims 4 has a gallery. Thank you.

  3. Hey, im having troubles getting the option to attend verdicts. i get the text but the option never appears on the phone, im at home when this is happening.

    1. Please use my ticketing system, but it looks like you sent me an email. I will respond there.

      1. Hello,

        Absolutely love your mods!!! Would you mind sharing the resolution you emailed this sim’er. I am experiencing the same thing. I’m pretty good about navigating and following your directions, but this one I cant figure out. Thanks for being awesome at what you do!

      2. The resolution is the active career tutorial link above. Try that and see if it helps.

  4. i’ve downloaded the work interactions mod but nothing is showing up on the computer for me to do work

    1. same here! i have everything and followed the steps. still nothing! i’ve deleted the files and downloaded them again, still nothing!

  5. Good morning,

    I would like to know if there is a French translation for this mood?? And if so, where can I find it please? Thank you

  6. There is a tutorial link above, that is where you need to go to fix your venue issue above. Click that link – this issue is 1) The mod is incorrectly setup or 2) Mod conflict. Follow the tutorial to fix t he problem.

  7. Hello!First of all thank for your amazing work!:)I’m writing to you because I’m having a problem with my active lawyer career: I can’t get to the office. I’ve downloaded and installed the law firm, but even so, when my sim is supposed to go to work, the option to follow him doesn’t appear. I would like to be able to watch the tutorial video above, but it says, “private video.” So, not knowing what to do, I wrote to you here. Thanks in advance if you can help me.

  8. Interesting mod. But my only beef is how low you get paid. You’re paid less than the vanilla law career.

    1. Unfortunately that’s just the Simoleons I choose per pay rate. You can not please everyone with pay rates, you are welcome to go into Sims 4 Studio and change the pay rates as long as the mod is not re-uploaded.

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