Photographer (Active) Career

Required Packs: Moschino Stuff
Other Requirements: Basemental’s Venue List and XML Injector

Helpful Tip: Active Career Tutorial Guide created if you can not get the venue to show. Click Here! Please make sure you re-download Basemental’s Venue list each time you download a new active career.

Career Levels
Photography Assistant
Portrait Photographer
Photography Studio Manager

Social Interactions 
Interview Client
Show off Photos
What’s your ideal photo?
Chat about Photography
Chat about Backdrops
Chat about Filters
Teach about Photography

Computer Interactions
Edit Client Photos
Email Client Photos
Blog about Photograph

Phone Interactions
Enter Photography Contest – If you win, you get 250 Simoleons. There’s a buff if you win or lose.


Photo Studio


  1. A Client will show up to the Photo Studio
  2. Interview the Client
  3. Ask Client “What’s your ideal photo?”
  4. Take a Photo of the Clien using a phone, photo studio or tripod
  5. Select the interview “Show off Photos”
  6. The client will respond via an in-text notification if they like or dislike the photos.
  7. You can choose to email the client photos or give the photos to the client as a gift.

1000 Simoleons – Photo Studio Manager Level

Download Here

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