Collect Bugs Holiday Tradition

Required Packs: Outdoor Retreat and Seasons

Collect Bugs
Loved By
Loves Outdoor Trait

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Do Laundry Holiday Tradition

Required Packs: Laundry Day Stuff and Seasons
Other Requirements: Househusband and Housewife Traits

Wash Clothes using the Washer/Dryer or Wash Tub
Loved By
Househusband Trait
Housewife Trait
Neat Trait

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File Tax Return Holiday Tradition

Required Pack: Seasons
Other Requirements: File Tax Return Interaction

To File taxes, a Sim must be a Young Adult, Adult or Elder in a career.

File Tax Return

There’s two. One the day before and the current day.

Pre-Holiday Buff

Same Day Buff

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Watch Live Performance Holiday Tradition

Required Packs: City Living and Seasons

Watch a Live Performance
Review Performance (Critic Career)

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WooHoo Holiday Tradition

Required Pack: Seasons
Other Requirements: Baby Daddy Trait, Unfaithful Trait and WooHoo Lover Trait

Try for a Baby
Mess Around
Loved By
Alluring Trait
Baby Daddy Trait
Beguiling Trait
Player Trait
Romantic Trait
Unfaithful Trait
WooHoo Lover Trait
Ignored By
Loner Trait
Unflirty Trait

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Winter Fun Holiday Tradition

Required Pack: Seasons
Other Requirements: Ski Lover Trait and Snowboarder Trait

Shove Snow
Build Snowpal
Have a Snowball Fight
Ice Skate
Have a Snowball Fight
Make Snow Angel
Invite a Sim to Skate
Perform Skating Routine
Play in Snow
Watch Skating
Go Sledding
Go Snowboarding
Go Skiing
Loved By
Father Winter’s Baby
Loves Outdoors
Ski Lover Trait
Snowboarder Trait

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Watch a Movie Holiday Tradition

Required Pack: Movie Hangout Stuff and Seasons
Other Requirements: Movie Lover Trait

Watch a Movie
Loved By
Movie Lover Trait

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Volunteer Holiday Tradition

Required Game Pack: Parenthood and Seasons
Other Requirements: Activist Trait and King Trait, Philanthropist Trait and Queen Trait

Volunteer at Bake Sale
Volunteer at Beach Cleanup
Volunteer at Nursing Home
Volunteer at Soup Kitchen
Walk to Fight Disease
Loved By
Activist Trait
Good Trait
King Trait
Philanthropist Trait
Queen Trait

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Visit Space Holiday Tradition

Required Pack: Seasons
Other Requirements: Space Lover Trait

Explore Space
Loved By
Space Lover Trait

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View Art Holiday Tradition

Required Pack: Seasons
Other Requirements: Artist Trait and Cultured Trait

Examine Bonsai
View Art Work
Critique Work
Critically Assess Work
Gather Inspiration
Study Art
Praise Art
Loved By
Artist Trait
Art Lover Trait
Creative Visionary Trait
Cultured Trait
Expressionistic Trait

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