Ballet Studio

Required Pack: The Sims 4 Base Game


Social Interactions
Chat about Ballet Positions
Tell Ballet Story

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Dancer Career

Required Packs: Get Famous and Get Together
Other Requirements: XML Injector
Recommended: Dancer Trait

Career Levels
Aerobics Instructor
Backup Dancer
Jazzercise Instructor
Pop ‘n Lock Performer
Dance Video Star
Interpretive Dancer
Tap Dancer
Ballroom Dancer
Flamenco Master
World Class Ballet Dancer


Promotion Tasks
Dance Around
Reach Level 1 in Dancing
Reach Level 2 in Dancing
Reach Level 3 in Dancing
Reach Level 4 in Dancing
Max Dancing Skill
Show off Dance Moves
Reach Level 1 in Fame
Reach Level 3 in Fame
Reach Level 5 in Fame
Throw a Dance Party
Record Videos on Dancing
Start Dance Club

Work From Home Tasks
Buy a Stereo
Discuss Dance Techniques
Go Dancing
Group Dance
Have Dance Machine OR Dancer Trait
Dance on a Dance Floor
Perform a Dance Battle
Go Dancing

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Dancer Trait

Required Pack: Get Together

Practice Dancing
Show off Moves
Perform Dances on Dance Floor
Watch Dance Battle
Dance Battle
Group Dance

Social Interactions

Talk about Dancing
Share Dancing Tips

Dance to Stereo Music
Dance at Bonfire
Dance to Music
Teach a Toddler to Dance
Dance to DJ Performance
Dance to music at the club
Dance for an hour
Level up in Dancing Skill
Practice Dancing in a Floor mirror
Show off dance moves on dance floor
Dance on a Dance Floor
Perform a Group Dance
Show off a successful back flip move
Complete a Dance Battle
Dance the Rumbasim
Do a Dance Workout

Learn Dancing 1.5 x Faster

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