Royal Visit

Required Game Pack: Base Game Compatible
Other Requirements: Royal Family Mod

This is an event for your Royal Family Sims who are hosting other leaders from other worlds. I’ve created it because it’s soon going to be included as a Royal Duty in the career menu coming soon.

Main Goal

Promote Royal Family Agenda


Chat With a Friend For An Hour

Eat Something

Grab a Drink

Give Royal Family News Update

Talk about Royal Family History

Drink Tea

Discuss Interests

Tell Joke

Tell Story

Talk to a Guest

Talk to Your Friend

Have an Adult Make a Toast

Talk to Someone

Ask Someone About Their Day

Hug Leader


No reward except a buff when the event is completed.

Download Here

Bake Sale Event

Required Game Pack: Get to Work

Main Goal
Ring up 10 Customers

Interact with 10 Customers
Set Bakery Items For Sale

10 – 100 Simoleons based on Bronze, Gold or Silver Reward

Download Here