Shopping Mall Lot Trait

Required Packs: The Sims 4 Base Game


Chat about Shopping Stores
Discuss Items to Purchase

Buy an Item worth 100 Simeolons
Buy an Item worth 500 Simoleons
Buy an Item worth 1000 Simoleons

Download Here

Holiday Home Trait

Required Pack: Movie Hangout and Spa Day


Chat about Holiday Home Views

Relax in a  Sauna
Do a Yoga Routine
Watch a Movie
Go Swimming
Dance to Stereo Music
Hire a Massage Therapist
Get a Massage from Massage Therapist
Get a Hand or Foot Massage
Take a Bubble Bath
Take a Mud Bath
Take a Bath with a Soak

Download Here

Arcade Lot Trait

Required Packs: City Living and Outdoor Retreat


Talk about Favorite Games

Playing Video Games
Play Video Games on a Gaming Console
Play Video Games For an Hour
Play Blicblock
Play a Motion Game
Win a Card Game
Win a Game of Chess
Win a Game of Darts
Win a Game of Horseshoes
Win a Multiplayer Game on the Video Game Console
Research Gaming Strategy

Download Here

Game Night Event

Required Game Pack: Movie Hangout and Outdoor Retreat

Main Goal
Play A Game

Order a Pizza
Have Four Sims Playing Card Games
Play Chess
Play Don’t Wake the Llama
Chat with Someone
Grab a Drink
Have Drinks From the Cooler
Play Video Games
Play Darts
Watch a Movie

Game Motion Gaming Mat

Download Here