Hacker Career

Required Packs: City Living and Get Famous
Other Requirements: Work Interactions Pie Menu and XML Injector

Career Levels
Beta Tester
Support Tech
Web Master
Security Consultant
Game Designer
Internet Entrepreneur 
Software CEO
Venture Capitalist
Information Overload

Video Gaming

Promotion Tasks
Reach Level 3 in Programming
Reach Level 4 in Programming
Reach Level 5 in Programming
Reach Level 6 in Programming
Reach Level 8 in Programming
Max Programming Skill
Reach Level 2 in Logic
Reach Level 3 in Video Gaming
Reach Level 4 in Video Gaming
Reach Level 5 in Video Gaming
Record 3 Videos on Hacking
Hack Something
Participate in Hackathon
Check Work Emails
Make Mobile App
Make Plug-in
Play Video Games
Mod Video Games

Work From Home Tasks
Practice Programming
Hack Something
Participate in Hackathon
Have Hacker Trait
Hack Work Performance
Check Work Emails

Computer Science Degree – Jump to Level 4 (Hacker)

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