Journalism Career

Required Packs: Get Famous and Movie Stuff
Other Requirements: XML Injector

Career Levels
Yearbook Club Supervisor 
Blog Writer
Internet Movie Critic
Fact Checker 
Obituary Writer
Horoscope Writer 
Sports Columnist 
Investigatory Journalist
Magazine Editor 
Media Magnate 


Promotion Tasks
Watch Sports TV
Reach Level 3 in Logic
Reach Level 3 in Fame
Reach Level 5 in Fame
Practice Writing
Reach Level 1 in Writing
Reach Level 2 in Writing
Reach Level 3 in Writing
Reach Level 4 in Writing
Reach Level 6 in Writing
Reach Level 7 in Writing
Reach Level 8 in Writing
Reach Level 9 in Writing
Watch a Movie
Review a Movie
Max Writing Skill
Write Investigative Book
Write 2 Obituaries
Earn 1000 Simoleons from Books

Work From Home Tasks
Practice Writing
Write a Book
Watch The News
Read a Book
Analyze a Book
Self Publish a Book
Discuss Favorite Authors
Read a Book for Reference

Sims with a Communications or Language & Literature Degree will jump to the Horoscope Writer career level.

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