Toy Obsessed Trait

Required Packs: Kids Room Stuff, Vintage Glamour, and Parenthood

Please Note: This trait is available for Children and Toddlers.

Play with Dolls (Child & Toddler)
Play with Toys (Child and Toddler)
Play with Emotion (Child)
Build/Play with Construction Table (Child)
Play with stuffed animal (Child & Toddler)
Battle Voidcritters (Child)
Train Voidcritters (Child)
Watch Battle of Voidcritters (Child)
Play with Nesting Blocks (Toddler)

Social Interactions – Child only
Discuss New Toys
Talk about Favorite Toy Store
Debate Teddy Bears vs Dolls
Ask about Favorite Toy
Ask to go to Toy Store
Enthuse about Favorite Toys
Debate Race cars vs Action Figures

Play with dollhouse (Child and Toddler)
Play with toys (Child and Toddler)
Play with Giant Stuffed animal (Child and Toddler)
Play with Doctor Playset
Play with Makeup (Child)
Buy a Voidcritter Booster Pack (Child)
Find a Voidcritter (Child)
Talk with Giant Stuffed animal (Child and Toddler)
Talk about Toys (Toddler)
Play with Toys (Toddler)
Play with Blocks (Toddler)

Learn Imagination 2x faster (Toddler)
Learn Creativity 2x Faster (Child)

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