Flirty Trait

Required Game Pack: Get Together

Make out in closet
Kiss Someone
Try For a Baby

Negative Buff
For not doing certain romantic interactions for 2 days

Social Interactions
I Love Your Smile
I Love You
Compliment Looks
Discuss WooHoo Techniques
I’ll Always Have Your Back
I Love Talking To You
You Have My Heart
You are my Endgame
You’re the only one I love
You’re the love of my life
You have the sweetest heart

Become Flirty
Flirt with Someone
Practice Pick-up lines
Tell a Dirty Joke
Start Flirty Painting
Send Flirty Text
Kiss Someone
Try for Baby
Make out
Compliment Someone
Get to know Someone
Watch Romantic TV
Be Friendly
Do something Romantic
Give Romantic Gift

Sims engage more in a Flirty mood

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