Animal Shelter Lot Trait

Required Pack: Cats & Dogs
Other Requirements: Animal Shelter Career


Social Interactions
Discuss Adopting a Pet
Chat about Animal Shelter Pets
Encourage to Donate – Only for Sims employed in the Animal Shelter Career. A 1-100 Simoleon donation will occur.

Meet a Cat or Dog
Adopt a Cat or Dog
Use your Laser Pointer with an Animal
Clean up a Hair Pile
Use your cat wind
Feed a Rodent
Clean a Rodent Cage
Play with a Rodent
Give Animal a Treat
Pet a Cat or Dog
Play Fetch with an Animal
Cook Pet Food
Cook Gourmet Pet Food

Stray cats and dogs will appear at 8 am, 12 pm, 4 pm Monday – Sunday. I recommended adding the Cat and Dog Hangout Lot traits with the Animal Shelter Lot Trait for max pets showing.

Download Here