Diva Trait

Required Packs: City Living, Get Famous and Spa Day

Try on Outfits
Upload Images on Social Media
Add to Simstagram Story
Check Followers on Social Media
Update Social Media Status
Check Social Media Timeline
Upload Viral Video
Get Massages
Take Selfies
Take Photos
Take Selfie with Fans
Ask Celebrities For Hugs
Attempt Introduction
Ask for Autograph

Negative Buff
If the Sim does not chat w/ anyone for one day

Social Interactions
Demand Attention
Demand Respect

Buy a Massage Table
Hire a Massage Therapist
Give or Get a Massage
Ask for a Massage
Try new Outfits using closet
Try to introduce yourself to Celebrity
Try to get a selfie with a celebrity
Try to get a celebrity autograph
Walk Starlight Boulevard
Talk to the mirror
Freshen up in the mirror
Admire yourself
Give yourself pep talk in mirror
Fish for compliments
Blog for followers
Check total followers
Check in current venue (Social Media Career)
Create a social media profile
Earn 100 or 1000 followers online
Promote Image on Social Media Profile
Share Images on Social Media
Share Jokes with followers
Start a funny meme
Update on Social Media Status
Take a Selfie or Photo
Brag about Possessions
Perform Acting Skill (Acting Career)
Practice Acting
Record Style Guide (Style Influencer Career)
Record a Rant
Record a Video with drone
Record a new video

Conflicts with the Proper Trait

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