Llamacrat Trait

Required Packs: City Living, Get Famous and Discover University

Give Speeches
Record Video
Respond to Mail (Phone or Email)
Participate in Debate Showdown

Social Interactions
Promote Llamacrat Policies
Question Opponent’s Policies
Debate Fake News vs Real News
Joke about Plumbobicans

Debate Politics (Activist Career)
Pick Cause (Activist Career)
Protect (Activist Career)
Donate to Cause (Activist Career)
Check Cause Progress (Activist Career)
Level up in Charisma Skill
Go to work Energized (Activist Career)
Compliment Someone
Take PTO (Activist Career)
Go to work confident (Activist Career)
Buy Podium
Convince Protesters to Leave
Secure Votes
Ask for Bribe
Endorse Politics
Pick Cause
Promote Cause
Collect Donations (Activist Career)
Practice Speeches
Create a Social Media Profile
Perform a Social Media Activity
Update Social Media Status
Record a new Video
Hug Someone
Watch Civic Public Access TV
Watch World Culture Network
Donate to a charity
Donate to online charity (Activist Career)
Take a Selfie

Conflicts with the Simdipendent and Plumbobicans Trait.

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