Change The World Aspiration

Required Game Pack: City Living and Get Famous
Other Requirements: Democrat, Independent or Republican Trait

Political Newbie
Join Politics Career
Create a Political Party Club
Reach Level 3 in Charisma
Choose a Democrat, Independent or Republican Trait

Achieving Political Goals
Reach Level 5 in Political Career
Secure 10 Votes
Give Political Speeches
Join a Protest

Political Leader
Debate Politics
Throw Campaign Rallies
Throw Charity Benefit Party
Record Political Message

Political Guru
Max Charisma Skill
Promote Policies To 10 Sims
Reach Top Level Of Political Career

Give Speeches at Podium
Practice Speech
Debate Politics
Donate to an Online Charity
Collect Donations
Promote Cause
Check Cause Progress
Go to work feeling Energized
Go to work feeling Confident
Secure Vote
Protest at Spice Market
Protest at Arts Quarter
Protest at Fashion District
Protest at San Myshuno Meadows
Protest in Upton
Record a Video

5000 Simoleons
Honor Plaque
Beloved Trait


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