Restaurateur Aspiration

Required Pack: Dine Out
Other Requirements: Restaurant Owner Career

Restaurant Newbie
Join Restaurant Owner Career
Purchase a Restaurant

Restaurant Owner
Check up on Chef
Welcome Customers

Restaurant Expert
Check up on Table
Offer Free Drinks or Food
Recommend Dish

Inspire a Chef
Pay For Trainings
Have 5-Star Restaurant

Free Services Trait
1 Million Simoleon

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Business Magnate Aspiration

Required Pack: Get to Work
Other Requirements: Business Owner Career

New Entrepreneur
Join Business Owner Career
Purchase Retail Store
Advertise Retail Store

Official Business Owner
Hire an Employee
Open Retail Store
Ring up Customers

Great Business Owner
Earn 25000
Check up on Employees

Business Magnate
Close the Deal
Have 50,000 in Reserve

2 Million Simoleons

Earn 100 Simoleons
Earn 500 Simoleons
Earn 1000 Simoleons

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Event Planner Aspiration

Required Pack: The Sims 4 Base Game
Other Requirements: Event Planner Career and Party Planner Trait

New Host in Town
Join the Event Planner Career
Have Party Planner Trait

Welcoming Party Planner
Introduce Self to 5 Sims
Have 3 Friends
Reach Level 3 of the Event Planner Career

Event Planning Expert
Host 5 Social Events
Reach Level 7 of the Event Planner Career
Share Party Excitement

Legendary Event Planner
Host 5 Social Events
Earn Gold on 3 Hosted Events
Reach Level 10 of the Event Planner Career

Perfect Host Trait
5000 Simoleons

Skill up in Charisma
Meet Someone New

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Stay-at-Home Parent Aspiration

Required Packs: Cottage Living and Parenthood
Other Requirements: Stay-at-Home Parent Career

Newbie Parent
Become a Parent
Join the Stay-at-Home Parent Career
Reach Level 3 in Parenting Skill

Loving Parent
Browse Parenting Forums or Research Parenting
Reach Level 6 in Parenting Skill
Socialize with Your Child 10 Times
Order Groceries for Family

Super Parent
Cook 3 Excellent Meals
Help a Child with Homework 2 Times
Clean House Items
Spend $500 on Kids’ Stuff

Respected Parent
Max Parenting Skill
Go into Full Parent Mode
Mentor Your Child 3 Times

Role Model Trait
2500 Simoleons

Buy Toy
Volunteer with Family
Add Note to Bulletin Board
Make Drawing for Bulletin Board
Encourage Children
Influence Children
Skill up in Baking
Skill up in Cooking
Skill up in Parenting
Do Laundry
Cook a Group Meal

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Star News Anchor Aspiration

Required Pack: Get Famous
Other Requirements: News Anchor Career and Work Interactions Menu

Novice News Anchor
Join News Anchor Career
Reach Level 3 Writing Skill

Average News Anchor
Reach Level 5 Writing Skill
Reach Investigative Reporter Career Level
Reach Level 5 Charisma Skill

Respect News Anchor
Write 5 News Articles
Reach Level 7 Writing Skill
Reach Level 7 Charisma Skill

Star News Anchor
Max Writing Skill
Write 10 Articles
Reach News Lead Anchor Career Level
Max Charisma Skill

Beloved Trait
Poetic Trait
5,000 Simoleons

Practice Writing
Start Writing a Book
Write Something
Skill up in Writing

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Firefighter Super Hero Aspiration

Required Pack: Get To Work
Other Requirements: Active Firefighter Career and Work Interactions Menu

Firefighter Newbie
Join Firefighter Career
Work 2 Days at Fire Station
Extinguish a Fire

Firefighter Hopeful Hero
Reach Level 3 Fitness Skill
Reach Level 3 Handiness Skill
Write Fire Safety Guide
Reach Fireman/Firewoman Level

Firefighter Expert
Reach Level 7 Fitness Skill
Reach Level 7 Handiness Skill
Extinguish 4 Fires
Upgrade 2 Objects

Firefighter Super Hero
Max Fitness Skill
Max Handiness Skill
Reach Fire Chief Level
Plan Firefighting Strategies 

Beloved Trait
Naturalist Trait
2000 Simoleons
We didn’t Start the Fire Sign

Upgrade an Object
Level up in Fitness
Level up in Handiness
Go for a Jog
Research Workout Tips
Travel to Gym

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Firefighter Career

Required Packs: Get to Work and Strangerville
Other Requirements: Basemental’s Venue List, Work Interactions Pie Menu and XML Injector
Recommended: Fire Station Lot Trait and Firefighter Super Hero Aspiration


Helpful Tip: Active Career Tutorial Guide created if you can not get the venue to show. Click Here!

Career Levels
Soot Stripper
Fire Safety Instructor 
Hose Handler 
Fire Sergeant
Fire Captain
Backdraft Specialist
Assistant Fire Chief
Fire Chief


Work From Home Tasks
Reach Level 5 and 8 in Fitness
Reach Level 5 and 8 in Handiness
Max Fitness Skill
Max Handiness Skill
Go Jogging
Upgrade Objects

Write Fire Safety Guide (Fire Safety instructor Level)
Plan Firefighting Strategies (Assistant Fire Chief and Fire Chief Level)
Check up on Firefighters (Assistant Fire Chief and Fire Chief) Interaction is found other Friendly and Other Sims Categories.
Send Firefighter Reports to City Hall (Assistant Fire Chief and Fire Chief Level)

When your Sim is promoted to the Fire Chief level, you will get a 5000 Simoleon promotion. 

Sims with a degree in Biology or Psychology will jump to the Fire Safety Instructor level.

Fire Station

Place the appropriate venue in your game and then make sure you list it as a “Fire Station”. The Fire Station must have a front desk and treadmills. Join the Firefighter Career Then your Sim will be promoted to go to work

You will spend 2 active days at the Fire Station getting to know the Firefighter Assistant and other firefighters. I know they aren’t showing up in the co-workers menu but that is something I am looking into.

Then once your Sim is promoted to Soot Stripper, you will begin the process of fighting fires all the way up to the Assistant Fire Chief career level. When you are notified of a fire, you will get a pop up.

You will select OK and then click the front desk. You will see the option to “Travel to lot on fire” and then you will travel to the new lot.

You will be prompted again to confirm your travel.

If you decide not to travel, you will get this notification.

When you get to the lot, you will be prompted to put out the fire. Some fires are invisible, some are seen and some take time to appear. I believe other firefighters will show up with you on the lot, and may put out fires. You need to get to the fire before them or you won’t get credit for putting out the fire and this means you will return to the fire station with no fires extinguished and it could impact your job performance. 

Once your Sim has finished at the lot, click on your Sim and select “Return to fire station”

When you reach the Assistant Fire Chief and Fire Chief levels you will no longer fight fires, but play a key role in the fire station by checking up on firefighters, sending reports to the city hall and planning fire fighting strategies. You will also get a new career outfit as shown above in the video.

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World Traveler Aspiration

Required Packs: City Living, Island Living, Jungle Adventure, Outdoor Retreat and Snowy Escape

Explore Mt. Komorebi
Make a Wish
Write a Wish
Go Hiking in Mt. Komorebi
Perform Snow Activities
Explore San Mysuno
Attempt the Spice Curry Challenge
Explore Space at GeekCon
Buy Object at Flea Market
Ask Romance Guru about Romantic Destiny
Explore Sulani
Throw a Kava Party
Attend a Sulani Fetival
Explore the Beach Cave
Dive for Treasure
Explore Vacation Worlds
Reach Level 2 Selvadoradian Culture Skill
Vacation in Granite Falls
Max Selvadoradian Culture Skill
Dance the Rumbasim
2000 Simoleons
Great Storyteller Trait
Worldly Knowledge Trait
Go on Vacation in Granite Falls
Chat about Selvadoradian Culture
Eat a Selvadoradian Meal
Ask about Jungle
Ask about Omiscan Ruins
Show Pictures of Jungle
Tell an Omiscan Folk Tale
Dance the Rumbasism
Write Column about Festival (Critic Career)
Drink Sakura Tea
Attempt Spice Challenge
Drink Dark Tea
Drink Light Tea
Light a Firework
Order a Drink at Festival
Sample Food at Spice Festival
Harvest Produce at Festival
Buy a Flea Market Object

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Chess Grandmaster Aspiration

Required Pack: The Sims 4 Base Game
Other Requirements: Chess Lover Trait and Chess Player Career

Chess Beginner
Buy a Chess Board
Ponder Chess Moves

Chess Player
Join Chess Player Career
Have Chess Lover Trait
Reach Level 5 Logic Skill

Chess Expert
Play Chess 10 Times
Max Logic Skill
Reach Global Competitor Career Level

Grandmaster Chess Champion
Play Chess
Reach Chess Star Champion Career Level

You’ve Got Talent Award
5000 Simoleons

Play Chess
Play Chess For an Hour
Observe a Chess Game
Win a Game of Chess
Buy a Chess Table
Play Chess at the Library

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Royal Family Monarch Aspiration

Required Packs: City Living, Get Famous and Get Together
Other Requirements: King and Queen Traits, Royal Family Career, Royal Family Mod, and Work Interactions Menu

Royal Family Beginner
Have a King or Queen Trait
Join the Royal Family Career
Get Married or Have a Spouse
Anoint Spouse a Title

Growing Royal Family
Have a Child
Gift or Lease Royal Residence
Appoint Royal Patronages
Have a Second Child

Working Royal
Give a Speech
Host Charity Benefit Party

Beloved Head Monarch
Host Meeting with Patronage Groups
Throw Royal Garden Party
Promote Royal Family Agenda

Matriarch/Patriarch Trait

Level up in Charisma Skill
Practice Speech at Podium
Meet Someone Knew
Get Married

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