Family Aspiration

Required Pack: Parenthood

Pride and Joy
Have a Romantic Interest
Have First Kiss
Have a Boyfriend or Girlfriend

Role Model
Get Engaged
Get Married
Become a Young Adult

Family Rock
Be an Adult
Have 2 Kids
Read to a Child

Town Father/Mother
Become an Elder
Hug Family Members Lovingly
Have a Grandchild

Role Model Trait
Matriarch/Patriarch Trait
5000 Simoleons

Write a Children’s Book
Volunteer with the Family
Leave a Note for someone
Leave a Drawing for someone
Bounce Baby
Cuddle Baby
Coo at a Baby
Feed Baby
Make Silly Faces w/ Baby
Talk to Baby
Help Child with Homework
Encourage or Influence a Child or Teen
Gain Parenting Skill
Buy Toys

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