Honor Student Aspiration

Required Pack Discover University, Parenthood and Seasons

Play Keyboard Commander
Play Arithmetic Attack
Have a Parent Help with Homework
Read 3 Books

Teacher’s Pet
Complete a School Project
Complete Homework 5 Times
Join Llama Scout Activity

Extracurricular Expert
Ply an Instrument for 4 hours
Practice Juggling Soccer Ball 3 times
Talk about School day with 3 different kids

Honor Roll
Complete extra credit 3 times
Be an “A” student
Brag about School Grades

Level up in Mental Skill
Level up in Motor Skill
Ask for Typing Tips
Talk about School
Practice Typing
Play a Typing Game
Play Arithmetic Game
Finish Homework
Finish Extra Credit Work

Reward Trait
Mentally Gifted Trait and a Kid’s Activity Table


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