Master Flower Arranger Aspiration

Required Packs: Get to Work and Seasons

Flower Starter
Open a Florist Shop
Make 5 Flower Arrangements
Reach Level 3 in Flower Arranging Skill

Gaining Flower Arranging Skills
Make 4 Flower Arrangements
Add Vase to Flower Arrangements
Reach Level 6 in Flower Arranging Skill

Almost an Expert
Gift 10 Flower Arrangements
Reach Level 8 in Flower Arranging Skill

Master Flower Arranger
Make a Rare Flower Arrangement
Take 5 Photos of Flower Arrangements
Max Flower Arranging Skill

Flower Lover Trait – Buffs from making Flowers and Gifting Flowers. Includes whims the same as the ones below. Two new social interactions – Chat about love of Flowers and Talk about Flower Scents.
5000 Simoleons

Make a Flower
Gift Flower Arrangement
Gift a Masterpiece Flower Arrangement
Scent a Masterpiece Flower Arrangement
Decorate Home with 1, 2, or 3 Flower Arrangements

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