Knowledge Aspiration

Required Packs: Discover University and Spa Day

Knowledge Seeker
Read 3 Books
Become Focused
Take a Thoughtful Shower
Browse Simpedia 3 Times

Knowledge Practitioner
Achieve Level 3 in 3 Skills
Reach Level 3 in Any Career
Meditate 3 Times
Help a Sim with Homework

Knowledge Journeyman/Journeywoman
Become an Adult
Achieve Level 5 in 4 Skills
Achieve Level 6 in Research
Reach Level 5 in Any Career

Knowledge Guru
Reach Top Level of a Career
Max 2 Skills
Mentor a Sim
Contribute Knowledge on the Archive Machine

Over-Achiever and Professional Trait

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  1. I’m usually more of a lurker than a commenter, but I have to express my love for your content. It adds a lot of depth and variation to a game that has (to me) become a little stale after almost a decade.

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